FI CH EE CH Mijalopin Order Of The Phoenix "Lyyti"


L-2-HGA: clear by parentage


ED: 0/0

Back: LTV0, VA0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: clear (ECVO)

Heart: clear (auscultation)


Lyyti at

"Lyyti" got her Finnish Champion title at Laukaa All Breed Show 15.7 -18, at the age of 2yrs 10days under judge Wim Wellens, NL !! Can't tell how happy and proud we all are of this amazing girl <3

"2yrs old. Excellent bitch, very typical in head& in body. Correct bite. Correct angulations. Very typical movement. Nice temperament." OPN EXC1 CQ CAC BOS and FI CH

Lyyti Lahti EPN 29.1-17 6kk3vkoa. Pikkupentujen 1.sija,KP. PN2.