Staffy- & schipperke-puppies born in July <3

We had an exciting end of July, since we had not just one, but two litters born <3

Lyyti & Voitto - litter (Mijalopin Order Of The Phoenix & Uther Stawka Wieksza Niz Zycie) was born 22.7-20, total of seven beautiful staffy-puppies, 3 males and 4 females. Whelping was natural and easy, Lyyti is again the perfect mother to her babies <3


Eight days later, 30.7 -20, Fide (Mimorin Aubel) gave birth to her three cute schipperke baby boys. Mother and babies are doing great, puppies growing beautifully and Fide being very good and devoted mother <3

Sire to this litter is Zippo, Winterra Zavulon. All puppies have homes.